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Welcome to The Admirable Group

Generate Passive Income with the Power of Mutifamily Real Estate

About Us

We will assist you in achieving your financial objectives. Your hard-earned cash isn’t supposed to sit in a bank account.

Our entire staff is driven by a single goal: to give the best return on investment to our clients. We are a real estate investment organization that specializes in private finance and off-market deals. We deal with qualified investors and offer a straightforward, low-risk passive income plan.

THE ADMIRABLE GROUP is the result of many successful partnerships between team members over the course of several years. Focused on acquiring under performing assets in great areas so we can add value to the property, tenants, and investors.

Meet the Team

Ismael Rey Reyes

Rey has been actively investing in residential real estate since 2005 and has focused exclusively on multifamily since 2016. He’s the Founder and Managing Partner of The Admirable Group and MI Real Estate and has led investment firms in the acquisition of 14 multifamily properties totaling 900 units and valued at over $100 million dollars.

Rey also provides independent consulting to multifamily investors, is the host of the Greater Central Florida Multifamily Investors virtual meeting, and is the bestselling author of BLUF: The Bottom Line Up Front about Passively Investing in Multi-family Properties.

Winston R. Schofield

Winston was born and raised in New York City and resides in Atlanta, GA. He is the Director of Operations at The Admirable Group. He is a full-time commercial real estate Asset Manager and has a portfolio of 517 units valued at over $48 million throughout the Florida, Georgia, and Texas markets.

Prior to Winston pursuing a career in real estate, he had a 29-year career in the airline industry as a flight coordinator for a Fortune 500 company. His main role and responsibilities were to create flight itineraries for the pilots and consult with air traffic control on flight schedules; strategic planning skills that serve him well as an Asset Manager.

Alfredo Hooker

Alfredo has a portfolio of 375-units, valued at over $41M throughout FL, GA, KY, and TX. He is a successful Supply Chain professional, with over 35 years of experience in the Computer Hardware and Medical Diagnostic Industry.

Alfredo enjoys spending time with his wife of 20-years, Mui and traveling. They have two sons Diego and Cristian.

Tim Little

Tim’s portfolio consists of 357-units valued at over $40M throughout FL, GA, and TX. He previously served as a strategic communication and change management consultant for government agencies.

Tim is also a combat veteran with over 25 years in uniform who continues his service in the Army Reserve as Commander of a Public Affairs unit in San Antonio, TX. Tim is a husband and father of two girls.

Kelly Iannone

Kelly has a portfolio of 409-units, valued at over $45M throughout FL, GA, and TX. She brings extensive corporate experience in strategy, finance, and integration from The Walt Disney Company.

As an advocate for the Financial Independence, Retire Early community, she is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom through real estate.

Karla Kennard

Karla has curated and partnered on a dozen large-scale multifamily syndication opportunities in the Southeast.

She brings entrepreneurship and significant corporate experience in marketing, sales, consulting, and strategy from multiple fortune 100 & 200 companies, most recently PepsiCo. Karla’s passion is to fuel your dreams, by creating accelerated and exponential leaps in your wealth, via large scale real estate.

The Admirable Group

MI Real Estate is here to guide you through your Real Estate investment journey, whether you’re looking to create rental income, achieve financial freedom, or give your portfolio a boost. Join our investors club and get the best returns on your multifamily investment.

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